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Commercial Software

The following software is some of what we use in the course of our business. Some is still available from their respective producers and has our recommendation. If you have any questions about the software and would like our opinion, then please do not hesitate to send an e-mail query.

TraxMaker by MicroCode Engineering. A simple-to-use, yet powerful Windows-based Schematic-capture and PCB layout utility. We currently use use the schematic capture for its easy-to-use simulation capability. The PCB layout is also easy, yet has plenty of capabilities for smaller projects, including a decent Auto-Router. Integrates well with many schematic capture programs. Doesn't have as many features as OrCAD PCB, but has a fraction of the learning curve and requires less than five percent of OrCAD's six thousand plus U.S. Dollars to acquire.

Note: MicroCode was bought out by Protel Ltd. in 1998. At that time we took the opportunity to upgrade to Protel 98, since we had been using their schematic capture for some time. This is an excellent program, but the higher price means that you can compare it to other PC-Based schematic capture and PCB layout applications. The MicroCode products are still available and are excellent for the smaller operator.

Shareware and Freeware

These items are things that we have used or are still using. Some we aquired from other places, some we wrote. Help yourself!

Journal: A simple, DOS-based utility useful for all those who must keep a regular journal. Uses no TSR memory or resources. Ideal for engineers and scientists working in Aerospace. Originally written in 1991, last modified in 1996. It was intended to be distributed as shareware, but we as of 5/10/2000 we are distributing it as freeware. As soon as we locate the source code, we will remove the registration requirement. At this time, if it not registered, the printed log simply says "unregistered". If you use this and like it, tell us.

Note: the included instructions are intended for DOS mode workstations. In Windows NT/9X, place a shortcut to JOURNAL.EXE in the "Startup" folder. Set to "Close on Exit". We make the presumption that users of this program have a reasonable understanding of how to use computers, including how to edit text files, create and modify shortcuts, etc.

EasyTrax is an easy-to-use DOS based PCB layout program. It can be found at Alberta Printed Circuits, whom we use for most of our short-turnaround PCB work.

Places to go

One of the nice thing about living in southern California is the wide varity of resources for engineers and hobbists of all types.

Electronic Swap Meets

All of these swap meets are free for buyers and very reasonable for sellers. Some ask that sellers be licensed HAM radio operators.

Cable Airport (Was A.B. Miller High School) Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet

On the 2nd Saturday of each month, there is a swap meet held at Cable Airport in Upland. The swap meet starts at 0700, so if you are late we will already have bought all the good stuff.
Parking is funky but adaquate and close to the vendors.
Airport web page and Map / Directions
(More info from QSL.NET)

Chino Hills

On the 3nd Saturday of each month, there is a swap meet at the Chino Hills High school. This one was started after the CRMA swap meet closed down and is sponsored by one of the CHHS clubs along with a local Amateur Radio organization.

View Larger Map

It has been running since October of 2004 and appears to be doing quite well.

So far there is plenty of parking, but we buy all the good stuff by 0730 so get there early!

Hyperactive Computers Swap Meet (Was ACP)

This swap meet is located in the Hyperactive Computers parking lot, near the corner of Edinger and Standard in Santa Ana.
Because of the distance of the drive, we have not gone to this swap meet in some time. It has alway been an excellent source for electronic surplus. The focus is more on electronics and computers, less on amateur radio then the others.
More Information, including maps and schedule

Northrup Grumman Amateur Radio Club Swap Meet (Was TRW)

Held the last Saturday of each month.
We recently received updated information that this swap meet is still operated by W6TRW.
It is beleived to be located on the South East corner of Marine (Compton Blvd?) and Aviation Blvd. in Manhattan Beach.
Due to the distance of the drive for us, we have not gone to this swap meet in quite some time.

Electronic Surplus Stores

These are stores that are usually open regular hours, though some may request you call ahead to be sure. To be listed here, at least 60% of their inventory must be used or surplus non-consumer electronics.
This section is just started, if you have other places to submit, please send them to me.

APEX Electronics

8909 San Fernando
Sun Valley, CA 91352
(Near Burbank airport)
phone: 818-767-7202
Massive, mind-boggling, inventory of used and surplus electronics, wire, motors and hardware at good prices. This is the Mecca, to which all electronic geeks must make a pilgrimage. This store is a favorite of Hollywood crews. It is not uncommon to see production people prowling these isles for ideas and materials. Fair selection of test equipment, though those prices are usually higher.

C&H Surplus

2176 East Colorado Blvd
Pasadena, CA 91107
Phone: 626-796-2628 (Fax: 626-796-4875)
Excellent, well organized, inventory. Excellent selection of test equipment at reasonable prices. Lots of motors and other electro-mechanical goodies.

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